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I. Availability
The system shall be at least 99% available on weekdays between 6:00AM and midnight. In that time faculty members use the system to do their tasks.
II. Integrity
The system shall protect against unauthorized addition, deletion or modification of data. The members have limited access to the system.
III. Interoperability
The system shall be able to import the time or the date for each member for the finance department.
IV. Security
The system shall log all members to access secure data by having different access level.
V. Usability
The system shall be easy to access and use for many different members level.


Ambiguous Requirement.
The system is not clear. It require to open the gas when heating and then when the temperature reaches 150 degrees C, heating will stop. How about Gas? Also it require to increase the temperature gradually but it says the heating will stop in specific temp. It does not give a specific degrees to stop the Gas.

Article 1

Wrong Planning was one of the central reason of Orca's failed .The system had been given to volunteers instead of getting a couple of bosses in the field. Emulating seven months of light work they couldn't get the schema to work from the field in various states now and again because they had been given the wrong login information, so the structure went down in light of the way that Internet supplier Comcast probably thought the development was made by a repudiation of organization strike. campaign bragged about the skeleton, rather than making a tolerable system. The customers were not familiar with the structure and they didn't get enough training.11 backend database servers had been provisioned for the skeleton maybe running on virtual machines—the "adaptable" bit of Orca was a Web application maintained by a single Web server and a singular application server.

Orca had not been attempted under real world conditions and on and on failed when it was needed in this present reality. The WI FI was not arranged. Volunteers didn't know how would they have the capacity to…