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The New Deal was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s programs and plans to help the nation recover from The Great Depression. This was no easy feat with the high percent of unemployment, banking crisis and haut in industry. Biles and Best have different views on FDR’s New Deal and how its programs affected the nation. Biles views on the New Deal were optimistic focusing on the benefits that it brought. Ultimately the New Deal proved successful with the economy recovering with the end of WWII. Biles saw Roosevelt’s new deal as a way to restore America to pre depression norms. More radical changes would have disrupted the foundations of our country; FDR had to balance his programs to move towards change without overstepping away from tradition. “The New Deal achieved much that was good and left much undone.”(227) Best saw that the New Deal fell short and was ineffective in because the crisis did not end until after WWII and that the war brought the economy back on its feet not The New Deal. Best argued that FDR’s focus would have been better focused on durable goods because restoring that industry would have helped America recover faster. “…The worse effects of the depression, and resultant unemployment, were being felt in the durable goods industries.” (233) Best believed that the ideas of Keynesianism would have worked best to recover the nation from the depression, to use government spending programs to increase employment. Many see the Keynesian Spending to be