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Number six
I have chosen the book The power of six. It is the second book in the trilogy I am number four. In the book, the character that stood out to me the most was number six. She is what most people would see as a role model. Whenever a problem comes her way it is just second nature for her to face it head on. I chose Number six because she is smart, strong, independent, and most importantly brave.
I know what you’re thinking, that’s a strange name... But if you have seen the movie I am number four, or have read any of the books you’ll know that for her, a lot of things that seem impossible to us, are an everyday thing. You see, number six isn’t exactly from around here. She was born on a planet called Lorien billions and billions of miles away from earth. Many years ago six probably had a name but when she was just a baby , her world as she knew it was destroyed , everything and everyone dead. Her planet was attacked and destroyed in the blink of an eye. However during the battle a plan was born. Nine Lorien babies and nine protectors were gathered and sent to earth to live in hiding until they were strong enough to come back to save lorien. And so the the story of number six was born.

Six is fifteen now. She is living with her protector Katrina on the border of Mexico. Since seven years old six has been training in martial arts, combat skills, and strategy .The author states “ my real life took place in our