Nur/6541 Task 5

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NURS 6541: Primary Care of Adolescents and Children


This week’s discussion we are to post an explanation of the differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study we selected. Explain which is the most likely diagnosis for the patient and why. Include an explanation of unique characteristics of the disorder we identified as the primary diagnosis. Then, explain a treatment and management plan for the patient. Including appropriate dosages for any recommended treatments. Finally, explain strategies for educating patients and families on the treatment and management of the gastrointestinal disorder.
Case Study # 3
Trish is a 7-year-old who presents with abdominal pain. Further questioning reveals frequent stool soiling and a history of chronic constipation since infancy. The child does not remember when her last bowel movement was, but her mother reports that she had an “accident” at a family gathering last night where she defecated in her underwear prior to reaching the bathroom. Physical examination is benign except for the presence of
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Psychological evaluation would let you know if there is an emotional reason or sexual abuse might come out in the evaluation. Physical exam would be done and a discussion of eating habits will be conducted. Physical cause can include lack of exercise so we need to discuss the exercise habits of the Trish.
Clearing the impacted stools from the colon is the first step in treatment of constipation with encopresis. We can use certain laxatives, rectal suppositories or enemas to clear the colon depending on the amount impacted. Miralax 17grams dissolved in four to eight ounces of beverage of the child’s choice excluding sodas once daily (, 2017). Children should be followed closely by the provider. The child might be on this medication until we can get the vault to shrink back to normal.