Nuremberg: Friendship and Personal Totem Assignment Essay

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Native Spirituality: Personal Totem Assignment My personal totems that associate with my inner spirituality are a Deer, a Wolf, an Eagle and a Bear. The elements that best portray my characteristics are summer, earth, adolescence, sun and to be more precise; rocks, twigs, branches and feathers. The element of direction also interacts with my spirituality which is the North. The multi colors also ally with my personality, but mainly the color yellow, blue and green reflect my character as it portrays the colors of the summer season. Moreover, the elements and totem animal's are visual representation of my characteristics and personality. Conferring on the description of Fire, I am portrayed to be an energetic, passionate, optimistic, authority given, and stubborn person. I can interact well with various people and create a bond that ignites true friendship, although I tend to have a limited number of friends that are close to my heart. I appear boastful and as an attention seeker, I try to stand out with the spot light shining on me. Neither the less, the fact that I am warm hearted, and caring for the well being of others. I light up the way for others while trying to cheer them up on gloomy days. I am well calculated and steady. The season that exhibits my characteristics are, Summer. Summer time makes me gleam with joy as I enjoy spending time in the sun except tanning. I love the smell of the nature during summer, the long days and short nights, an ice cream a day, new activities, new adventures with friends and most of all; a new thing for every new day. Adventuring through life, and the summer breeze of my favourite season is a charm that I wait for all year round, neither the fact that I love winter just as much but summer sticks to my heart. The colors that define my true nature are yellow, blue and green. Yellow for the summer sun, blue for the summer sky and green for the nature that stands out in summer. These colors bring out the positive in me and make me view life and its surroundings in a unique manner. It brings out my abilities, strengths and skills. Blue for the summer breeze that blows through my hair, for the clear water at the for the gleaming blue sky that glances right back at me while I lay down and watch it. The color that brings my true friends closer to me, a friendship locked with secrets and memories, loyalty and caring nature. Finally the color green for the blessing of mother nature and her flowers and greenery during summer, the main highlight of the season. A variety of plants and flowers, that sprout through the day, the reason for a happier and peaceful atmosphere and the reason I smile and enjoy taking long walks and strolls, admiring the beauty around me. The element of direction that flawlessly defines me is the North. I am always looking ahead and viewing life in a different perspective as well as unlocking life's pathway of secrets for me. I choose life opportunities and twists to view the goals, aspirations and achievements that are bestowed towards my future. I view everyday is a new day full of opportunities for me to grab. The totem animals that represent me are a Deer, a Wolf, an Eagle and a Bear. A deer's characteristics can be well compared to me because I am artistic, creative, very compassionate, gentle and kind. I like to