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Nuremberg Laws

After the Nazi’s took control of Germany in 1933 many laws were put in place by the government which most of them took away rights from the Jews in Germany. The Nuremberg Laws affected the rights of Jewish people in Germany because they were laws that took away many of their rights of humanity. The new laws were in effect on September 15th, 1935. From 1935 to 1943 the Jews were basically excluded from German life. This took place in Nuremberg, Germany. The reason for the laws was Adolf Hitlers anti-Semitism toward the Jews. The laws were introduced at the Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party. You were considered German if all four of your grandparents were of German blood, you were considered Jewish if three or four grandparents were Jewish, and mixed blood if one or two grandparents were Jewish. The laws announced on September 15, 1935, by Hitler deprived Jews of German citizenship, prohibited Jewish households from having German maids under the age of 45, and prohibited any German people from marrying a Jew and sexual relations between Jews and Germans. This law is an example of how some rights are taken away by not letting a German have any kind of relationship with a Jew. Jews were forbidden by law to display the Reich and national flag or the national colors. The national flag was changed to a swastika, the swastika is symbolized as being associated with Nazi’s, anti-Semitism, and hatred. This is also an example of how the rights