Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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The Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who have received special courses and training. They usually work closely with doctors and can perform many high-level primary care tasks. They often specialize in specific types of practice such as pediatrics, psychiatry, or obstetrics. Some establish private practices; however, most work in doctors' offices, hospitals, or neighborhood health centers. Their duties often include taking detailed medical histories and performing complete physical exams, providing diagnoses and recommending treatment plans, treating common medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries, prescribing limited medications, and counseling patients and families. They also care
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The average annual nurse practitioner salary is $85,200 with some earning as much as $113,000 a year. There are various types of nurse practitioners and each type earns its own level of salary. A family nurse practitioner salary, for example, hovers around the $65,790 to $85,404 range. Advanced registered nurse practitioners, on the other hand, earn between $64,203 and $84,528, while a women’s health nurse practitioner salary can range between $67,148 and $85,004. Nurse practitioners working in family medicine settings earn between $68,458 and $87,107 a year while nurse practitioners working in hospitals generally earn from $68,213 to $87,804 in annual nurse practitioner salary. Those that are working in healthcare receive $68,076 to $87,376 and those working in medical offices earn between $68,371 and $87,411. There is great variety in the level of salary that each nurse practitioner receives, and this depends on a number of factors. The geographical location and the work setting affect your nurse practitioner salary, but the two most important aspects are your education and training, as well as your work experience as a nurse practitioner. Nurse Practitioners need to be critical thinkers: they must obtain relevant information about a person’s health status from a wide variety of sources, such as the patient’s verbal communication, clinical