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Sweet Apple Nursery

This is Sweet Apple Nursery, and it has children between the ages of two months to two years.
We also have a special needs group for the children that need extra help with fitting in or with the school work.
Our service users are usually from a young age so we have classes for each age range and we make sure that everyone’s needs is known such as reading, writing, allergies etc.


Page 1: Introduction to the nursery and a guide to our service users and their needs.

Page 2: Hazards that could potentially arise within our nursery and how to address the hazards.

Page 3: Wrapping it up in a neat bun.

An introduction to our nursery.
Sweet Apple Nursery accommodates children with or without special needs, we have staff trained to help children with visual, hearing (ADD MORE) disabilities as we like to have our children feeling secure and comfortable with staff and the other children.
One section of the nursery has all the children that have disabilities whereas we also have a section for the children that won’t need support like them. Each room has a coloured tied to it, for example;

Red is the classrooms,
Orange is the eating hall,
Yellow is the hallways,
Green is the staff rooms,
Blue is the toilets and
Purple is for the special needs section of the nursery.

Here at the Sweet Apple nursery we choose staff to go into a certain area of work so that they are familiar with or specialise in an area of work so that each child can benefit from their teacher.

I do expect the staff to act professionally when providing information to each other so that everyone is on the same level.
There are a numerous amount of hazards that can occur within our Nursery and I expect that by the end of reading this handbook each staff member will be aware and know how to treat them in a calm manner.

We have a morning and afternoon register to ensure that if there was a fire then we could easily keep track of all the children and avoid unintentional harm.
Staff should be well aware of what the children may need, for example a type of medicine at a strict time or help hearing or seeing.

Also if all staff could be dressed neatly and avoid high heels, jewellery that you can lose or be grabbed by, then you’ll be more mobile and can avoid stepping on the young ones and hurting them.

Hazards that could arise within our Nursery.

There are various hazards that can occur within any nursery and ours is no different, so it is best that you learn the hazards and know how to address them calmly, remember if you aren’t calm then the children won’t be calm either.

Hazards in a Physical Environment is mainly objects being in the way of exits or just not being put in the correct place. Also if the play area is left untidy then the toys left on the floor could cause a tripping hazard.
Plus your area in the staff room should be tidy so that then you’ll find what you need easily and such no files will be lost.

A good example of this happening is if a staff member was to leave a dirty nappy within the bathroom then another staff member or child could easily slip and it’ll cause injury not only to themselves but if the staff member was holding a child then they will also have injuries, worse case is that if the child is only three months old then the injury could cause a future disability or death.

So be sure that if you are the cleaner or if you were are a staff member who can change a baby, then make sure that the waste is taken care of properly.

An Equipment hazard will more than likely occur within the special needs section of the nursery because they have a lot of machinery based there.

But an example of a hazard that has occurred here once is, not testing the equipment.
If a staff member does not test a Makaton before they allow a child to use it and then the machine not work then the child could lash out at other children and be sent home early for a mistake that the staff member made and that isn’t fair for the