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Nurses Improvements HCA 375: Continuous Quality Monitoring & Accreditation Instructor: Kevin LaChapelle 2/17/2014

Nurses Improvements
The Glens Falls Hospital which is an acute care hospital and it provides emergency care. The Glens Falls Hospitals’ overall patient survey scores were mostly below average. None of score rates were above average, therefore there is plenty room for need improvements. Which that means; that satisfaction measures are recommended for improvement at the Glens Falls Hospital. In order to gain satisfaction factors for higher quality patient outcomes. There is no room for any barriers to stop improvements for the health of the patients.
In the patient survey report it was reported that; 77% of the time Nurses communicated well with their patients, while the average percentage is 78%. Therefore, there is plenty of room for needed improvement. To gain satisfaction of customers’ the nurses must communicate 100% with their patients, they must explain all medications being given (what it is, and what it’s for). Also, they must keep their patients safe, comfortable, and out of pain. By the nurses putting forth those actions they will gain a higher customer satisfaction score and their patients will have a happy satisfied hospital stay.
Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems is a national survey that asks patients about their experiences during their hospital stay. This survey is very important to measure patient’s perspectives of care during their stay. It gives knowledge on personal feelings of measured care

Nurses Improvement given to them, which allows for acknowledgement of problems and improvements that must take place. As stated in our text book; “The Run Charts are frequently used in the quality improvement process to answer the question, “How are we doing?” and “Are we doing better since implementing the improvement intervention?”…The performance data needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis…This is necessary to identify, does the process change for the better over time…The ultimate goal of measurement and CQI tools for healthcare organizations is that the people within them learn how to make system…