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There are many practical skills involved with a nursing career. However, nurses must remember and think about important values or moral principles that also relate to a nursing career. Nurses go through extensive schooling in order to obtain a nursing degree, and it can be very simple to put too much focus on the practical aspects of nursing rather than the dignity of others. In order to become the best nurses we can, we must look within to reflect and think about our personal philosophy of nursing. The best nurses combine wonderful hands-on clinical skills with personable skills to ensure we are providing the best patient care. Nurses must understand that when we are taking care of a person, we have to take care of the whole patient. Taking care of a whole person involves caring for their body, mind and soul. Throughout our future nursing careers, we will find out what values and principles are most important and apply them when we are taking care of patients.
Morality and Ethics
The patients we look after really put their lives in our hands and entrust us to care for them. This idea that they will receive the best care we can possibly provide is what can heal a patient’s soul in times of illness and disease. It is our job as nurses to approach our patients with personable and compassionate character. A good nurse should be able to practice and administer the right nursing techniques in a clinical aspect, but they also have to ensure that the other areas of