Nursing Advocacy Research Paper

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The purpose of the paper is to discuss why advocacy for patient is a matter and how nurses can be helped to be better advocator for the patient who are not capable of doing it for themselves. Nursing is trusted profession with the duty of performing treatment and procedures for the patients when they need it the most. A nurse is full of compassion for other human beings (Pattillo, 2011). The nature and duties of nurses represent them as health care providers that are closest to patients and their families. They are therefore provided with the task of advocating for the rights of patients within health care institutions. Nurses are better placed as advocates of patients because they are constantly interacting with patients, thus making it easy for patients to trust them and confide in them (Pattillo, 2011).
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Nurses are involved in variety of activities including preventing illnesses, promoting health, and care for the disabled, ill and dying people. They advocate for promotion of safe environment, health education, researches, regulating in health policy and management. However, nurses face lots of challenges when they take an advocate role for patients. Therefore, writer decided to write a letter to the nursing body to ask them to support nursing advocacy. This paper aims to emphasis on the importance of nursing advocacy and the difficulties that nurses face when trying to be