Essay on Nursing and American Nurses Association

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Research problems can be developed from many sources. A source of nursing research is the American Nurses Association. CINAHL and Pub Med are also two commonly used databases for nursing research. This search for literature can help find current and relevant articles and resources. The American Nurses Association provides access to CINAHL.

Nurses are responsible for ensuring patient safety, which includes preventing falls and related injuries at home or while in a facility. It is crucial to assess patients to ensure they are not a risk for falls. Statistical measures are used to determine the impact on the fall precautions. Health care providers share a responsibility in protecting patients from falls and fall related injuries. Data management and analysis of the patient and facility are vital components in understanding the effectiveness of falls (American Nurses Association, 2015).

Malnutrition, impaired mobility and care dependency can be causing factors of falls. Individuals over the age of sixty five are expected to increase between the year 1995 and 2015 due to the baby boomers. In most fall incidents, there are extrinsic risk factors such as environmental hazards and intrinsic risk factors such as age, gender, fall history, impaired mobility, a decrease in muscle strength and a decrease in nutrition. Majority of the risks decrease in strength and muscle weakness. Approximately one in three home care patients over the age of sixty five have fell at least once per year. One in ten falls have resulted in serious…