Nursing and Clinical Nurse Essay

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I desire to pursue a masters degree in Nursing to become a Clinical Nurse Leader and be a voice for patients that are not able to advocate for themselves. As a clinic nurse leader, I plan to evaluate and help to improve the quality of care directed at each patient, focus on patient centered care plans and solve critical problems. Clinical nurse leaders (CNL) have the ability to harvest one on one interactions and build rapport with patients, improve quality assurance, assess health risks and promote patient customer service. Providing the best customer service is one of my goals for this profession. My motivation was my late aunt who was a caring and compassionate registered nurse (RN). On her day offs, she would go to her local department store to buy cosmetics and simple toiletries for her patients, visit them and give makeovers to the elderly women and men enhancing their beauty and handsomeness. My aunt enjoyed and loved her patients, built long lasting relationships and had so much compassion and empathy. Her dedication became a foundation in her honor for more volunteers to visit various nursing homes and comfort and accompany patients, my aunt is the reason why I wish to continue in my nursing career.
As a practicing CNL, I plan to specialize and serve the geriatric population and oversee patient care, the admission process, discharge and outpatient care of each patient. I will collect data of patient outcomes and create measurable care plans specific to each individual. The qualities I wish to possess are essential and fundamental in the profession of nursing. These are the common traits needed from all nurses. Compassion toward patients and their external families is heavily needed and stressed for all aspects of healthcare. Blogger Chad Fowler stated, “empathy is the most important skill to practice, its benefits include that it helps better understand the needs of people around you, understand the unspoken parts of your communication with others and to motivate the people around you.” Showing empathy will make me a better health professional, a better clinical nurse leader but most of all a better leader. Leadership is essential, leaders must have aspiration in order to create inspiration toward fellow peers. A confident leader is entrusted with people under his direction. Clinical nurse leaders are to be confident in rendering care, promoting wellness, managing healthcare units and driving change in their healthcare facility.