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Secondment for Pre-Registration Nursing

March 2010 to 2013

Protocol and Procedure


1.1 WLMHT is committed to offering a number of secondments for nurse training. Guidance for the secondment of NHS employees to professional nurse training “is referenced in the following documents HSC 1998/044, HSC 1998/182 and guidance notes on NWL WDC/SHA process for assisting students for professional healthcare training 2004/05”. The Trust protocol is informed by these papers and is committed to partnership working with the Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s) and NHS London.

2. A secondment normally refers to the process in which staff already employed in a healthcare organisation are funded to undertake professional training.

3. Students will attend Higher Education Institutes where NHS London commissions pre-registration education and which access to practice placements in the secondees employing organisation (Appendix 1). These are:

▪ Bucksnewuni (BNU) ▪ Thames Valley University (TVU)

4. When staff are seconded unto full time programme by NHS London, the employer receives partial salary replacement from NHS London in accordance with guidance from DoH.

5. The Trust will agree with NHS London on an annual basis the number of secondments it will support each year within the workforce planning round in October/November of the year training is required. The number of secondments will relate to future service needs including the NHS Plan and will depend on the actual budget allocation by NHS London to WLMHT.

6. Employees who are seconded will be paid a spot salary of £15,328 pa during the period of their secondment. This salary is fully inclusive and no other allowances will be paid

7. Bank workers are not eligible to apply for this scheme.

8. All seconded students remain employees of WLMHT subject to existing terms and conditions and will be subject to WLMHT policies and procedures.

9. This protocol will be centrally implemented by the Head of Leadership and Professional Development, the Associate Director of HR (Learning & Development) and the Director of Nursing.

10. The process for pre-registration nurse secondment has been agreed by NHS London and WLMHT and ratified via WLMHT Trust Executive Team.


1. Opportunities for pre-registration nurse secondment will be advertised throughout the Trust as required for studies commencing in the spring and autumn. The HEI’s require offers by December for the March intake and by June for the September intake.

2. Copies of the secondment protocol for pre-registration nursing will be made available on the Trust Exchange.

3. Interested candidates should apply using the appropriate HEI application form which is available from the Trust Learning & Development Department in Ealing and adhere to the criteria stated in 3.2.


1. Application packs from the Higher Education Institution (HEI) will be sent by the Trust to interested candidates. All applications must be supported and authorised by the manager (Ward Manager or above) before being returned to the Trust Learning & Development Department, Ealing. Applications without line manager authorisation will not be processed.

2. Applications will be accepted from candidates who meet the NHS London criteria for secondment (appendix 2), HEI academic criteria (Appendix 3) and the Trust’s criteria (Appendix 4) and advice for Releasing Manager (Appendix 5).


1. The applicant will forward a copy of their Personal Development Plan, which forms part of their PDR, together with their application form fully supported by their Line Manager (Appendix 5).

2. Line Managers who do not support the candidates application must inform the candidate of the reason and offer advice as appropriate.

3. The applicant and their Line Manager must make themselves aware of NHS London criteria