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Philosophy of Nursing Marymount University

Rebecca Ramirez



Abstract: Some of society believes and assumes a nurses’ job is just treating ill patients, however there is way more to the job description than just that. As I reflect upon all I have learned and experienced thus far, the nursing profession is not just a job nor can it be simplified to one word or phrase, it’s a higher calling. They are not just caregivers; they are advocates, educators, and promoters of health. The nature of nursing also includes a knowledge base of medicine and critical thinking while combining compassionate patient care. Another crucial part of nursing is collaborative efforts among healthcare professionals to promote the best quality care. The amount of time, emotion, commitment, model of care, service, cultural awareness, and work that goes into nursing practice holds nurses into higher standards than most general jobs.

Philosophy of Nursing I believe the nature of nursing revolves around commitment to public service and an undeniable desire to help those in need. Nurses not only treat ill patients, but they also focus on delivering quality patient care that is individualized to the needs of each patient. My philosophy of nursing incorporates the knowledge base of medicine, diseases, and critical thinking that combines relational, and compassionate care for each patient. As nurses, we use critical thinking and clinical judgment to provide evidence-­‐base practice to achieve an optimal level of wellness in clients for individuals, communities, and families. The medical field is continuously evolving, and nurses need to keep updating with current practices to delivery for patient care that will improve the quality of care being given to the patients. While every nurse is unique, I value commitment, engagement, passion, initiative, and fellowship, which I hope these values can affect the way I conduct myself as a practicing nurse.



Patient Care

My philosophy of nursing and patient care focuses on a holistic approach while

respecting the patients’ values and decisions. I find it important to create a relationship with patients in order to provide compassionate care while retaining the respect and dignity of each individual. I believe having a holistic approach with patients enables the nurse to