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[pic] School of Health and Wellbeing

Undergraduate Module Guide

Module title: Adult Nursing Practice 1

Module code: NH2309

Module Leader: Marina Kendrick

Academic year: 2012/2013

Cohort 111


The members of the module team would like to welcome you. We hope that you enjoy the learning opportunities and experiences that this module provides. We aim to provide you with support during your study and to guide you to additional support available both within the School and the wider University.

It is important that we have an effective way of communicating information to you, so please ensure your university e-mail account is live and active and that your inbox is open. Also, please let us have details of any changes to your contact details whilst studying the module.

It is also important for the ongoing development of the module that you provide us with feedback (see section 2.10). As well as constructive feedback on how you feel we can further enhance the module, we would welcome any comments about what particular aspects of the module you have enjoyed.

Linking you to further information
Throughout the electronic version of this module guide, available via the module’s WOLF topic, we have included links to further information and examples of help available.
Where these links have been made you will see the symbol (. Simply click on the underlined words immediately after the symbol and it will hyperlink you to this additional information.

|Student name | |
|Student Number | |
|Personal tutor name | |
|Student Advisor |Laura Clode |
| |07971 322157 |
| |& |
| |Gemma Thompson |
| |07530 072619 |
| | |

1 Basic Module Information

|1.1 Module Details |
|Module Title: |Adult Nursing Practice 1 |
|Module Code: |NH2309 |
|Level: |2 |Time Block: |variable |
|Credit Value: |30 |Directed Time: |4 hours |
|Pre-requisites: |Successful completion of |Co-requisites: |Pass Practice Documents |
| |CFP | | |
|Location: |This module is run at |
| | |