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My ideal career choice is to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist(CRNA). A nurse anesthetist is a person who has completed a high degree in nursing and has been successfully certified in a wide range of anesthesia. After the completion of an accredited program they are then qualified to manage patient care during the administration of anesthesia.
A nurse anesthetist is a licensed professional nurse; a CRNA provides equivalent anesthesia procedures as an anesiologist would. After many years of schooling and training CNRA’S become certified in all fifty states. A certified registered nurse anesthetist works closely to doctors, anethsiologists, surgeons, dentists. A CRNA is one of the highest degrees on the nursing ladder being one of the best paid nursing professions. Closely collaborating broadly with physicians; nurse anesthetists care for the patient during and after a medical procedure. Preparing, administering, and maintaining the patient of anesthesia to provide the proper sedation and pain management, also making sure the patient recovers from anesthesia while caring for them directly after operations, assisting to their immediate needs. Nurse anesthetists are required to have a Bachelor's of Science degree in nursing, a master's degree from a nurse anesthesia graduate school and hold a current licensed as a registered nurse. Before being certified as a registered nurse anesthetist, it is required that you must have at least one year of experience in a serious care unit. While completing anesthist training it is expected to complete around 1,800 clinical hours and administer about 800 anesthetics.
To be successful at this career certain skills need to be obtainable. Nurse anesthetists are constantly meeting and explaining different procedures to patients, it is very critical to have good communication skills. Nurse anesthetists need to be clear and confident at all times, knowing medical terminology and correctly using it. Making sure that the patent understands what’s going on. When working in an operation room it is very important the nurse anesthetists possess good decision making skills. During an operating there is always a chance that patient could go into shock, when this happens the nurse anesthetist has to make decisions very quickly to stabilize the patient all while knowing the hundreds of kinds of medication and their effect while trying to remember the types of medication the patient Is allergic to. Because of the extensive training nurse anesthetists ensure, they are often looked up to and are looked to for answering difficult questions. It is a necessity for nurse anesthetist to be self-directed; because of this it’s very important to have teamwork and leadership skills. The most successful nurse…