Nursing Career Research Paper

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In order for someone to become a nurse, they must represent certain characteristics such as dependable, approachable, as well as knowledgeable. However, besides these fundamental standards, I am further determined to become a nurse bound by higher principles; I anticipate myself as a nurse who is influential along with compassionate, limited to not only my patients, but everyone else as well. To elaborate, I intend to graduate from the University of Florida with a traditional Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing; subsequently, pursue employment in a suburban, urban city at a prestigious hospital in order to receive the best experience in both learning qualities and clinical situations. With my degree, I will initiate my career on the med/surg floor so that I can become …show more content…
Moreover, I possess an eagerness to abetment others in need, as a nurse I plan on traveling to foreign countries, particularly underdeveloped or short-staffed, since I want to impact not only my patients, but the overall community as well as advocate education and introduce new opportunities to them; enlightening people that nursing does not only focus on critical thinking, time management, and communication skills, but simultaneously impacts one person to another by encouraging people to become selfless, patient, in conjunction to leaders. To that end, I refuse to be labeled as just another nurse, instead I will endeavor to be a nurse of great value with essential virtues along with pertinent work performances to offer my community; consequently, I firmly believe that I can receive these imperative techniques and dedication for the profession, such as compassion for my valuable patients and their families and friends in addition to my fellow colleagues, from the University of Florida College of