Nursing Group Essay

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Executive Summary
Nancy Rodriguez
Grand Canyon University
September 28,2014

Executive Summary
Patient education is crucial to improve quality of patient care, increase healthy behaviors and improve health status. Nursing and patient interaction plays a very important role, and part of a nurses’ job is to educate the patient (Ferguson et al., 2013). Educational programs such as nursing groups would be of great benefit to implement at Aurora Behavioral Health facility. The following content will provide the purpose, target audience, benefits and more details on why implementing this programming will benefit this facility and improve quality of care.
Purpose of Programming The main
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The nursing group will be done once a day preferably during the daytime shift when patients are alert and awake. There are two nurses per unit which consists of 20 beds, one nurse can do nursing group while the other remains at the nurses station attending to the rest of the patients that decided not to attend or couldn’t for various reasons. The nursing supervisor is responsible to making a file with numerous health related topics that would be targeted to this type of population. If there is a chaotic busy day with more important priorities to where nurses don’t have the time to teach nursing group, it can be cancelled and held until the next day.
Patient education needs continuing emphasis in the healthcare systems and educational programs such as nursing group. This is crucial to patients in the experience of their illness and in the community. According to a study patients perceive structured and systematically conducted patient education programs very useful (Koivunen, et al., 2012). Informed patients can lessen changes of malpractice claims and improve and increase overall patient satisfaction. This is a low cost effective program that will help achieve and meet patient satisfaction as it improves quality of patient care.

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