Nursing Home Observation Paper

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Improving Elderly Relocation
A nursing home plays a major role in the community, particularly in western society, whereby those in need can gain around the clock support and care by nursing staff. Aged care nursing homes make up the largest subset among all nursing homes. However, the decision to move for the vulnerable elderly is generally accompanied by psychological and social effects. Therefore, managing the relocation of older people is important. In their study, Ellis and Rawson (2015) employed a qualitative research framework to explore the perceptions of relocating the elderly into a nursing home, from the perspective of care stuff. This critique analyses the qualitative aspects of the research framework and methodology.
Ethical Aspects
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A self-report technique is a data collection approach whereby the researcher poses questions and elicits responses from participants. Since the study aim was to explore the perceptions of nursing care staff with regards to elderly relocation to a nursing home, the use of self-reports is appropriate. Self-reports would allow the researchers to collect first-hand accounts of relocation experiences from participants.
Data was solicited from participants through the use of semi-structured, open-ended interviews which was in line with the research aims and framework used. The use of open-ended questions would allow participants to have unfiltered responses, and increase the depth of data provided. Additionally, the use of a semi-structured interview would allow the interviewer to guide the research and ensure enough data is collected in an initial interview given the limited data collection chances with working professionals. All interview responses were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Care was taken to ensure the transcriptions were accurate by re-reading each transcript. Thoroughness was achieved through conducting interviews until data saturation was achieved and no new information could be gained from further
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Several implications are provided for clinical practice. Firstly, the researchers suggest that nursing care staff should acknowledge that helping the elderly in the relocation process is a significant aspect of aged care nursing practice. Secondly, the researchers suggest that nursing practice guidelines should include details on how to manage the relocation of the elderly in aged care. Finally, the researchers stress the need for staff education and setting up people-centered relocation processes that takes into account the motives and feelings of residents and their families. All these implications are supported by the research findings and the scholarly research reviewed in the study. No implications are provided for future clinical