Nursing Inspiration Essay

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My Mom found out in January of 1994 that she was pregnant with twins, and was told they would be born on October 28, 1994. Unfortunately at 19 weeks, my mom miscarried my twin. Five weeks later, my mom was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. She was sent to the hospital and ended up having seizers and going unconscious. After being stabilize, a doctor who came from Italy asked to study me and my mom. During many ultra sounds, the doctor explained to my parents that my lungs were not developed yet along with other organs. A few days later, on July 20 1994, I was born at one pound four ounces, due to the placenta fluid depleting in my mom.
I was immediately rushed to NICU. I was blue, and my skin was transparent through almost my whole body. My eyes were on the side of my head. Doctors had tubes going in and out of me. At that point the doctors told my parents to be prepared to lose me. Doctors said if by some miracle I were to live, I would be mentally challenged. In the NICU I had a nurse, we called her Nurse Judy. She took care of me day and night. She would tell my parents the way it really was. She would include the good with the bad, she did not give up on me. She was there to feed me, dress, me and keep me alive. This experience in my life has made my decision for me that I want to be a NICU nurse just like nurse Judy. I was inspired by her passion of care for me. She was always truthful and helped at any time my parents needed it. She explained things, and if she had to explain them five or ten times in a day, she was okay with that. I myself go above and beyond to help people.