Nursing Major Essay

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Natalee Braniff
Ms. Odom
English 1301-402
September 19, 2013

Why Nursing Is a Useful Major Upon entering college there are many majors to chose from, however, from the time I was in middle school I have always known what I want to do. I wanted to be a nurse because nursing has always been a passion for me, as I have desired to work alongside doctors and help people through sickness and health for a long time now. Now that I am in college and I am getting even closer to fulfilling my dream, I am realizing how important nursing is. My major is useful because it will allow me to work in a rewarding career and will consistently show me the importance of patience and understanding. Firstly, Nursing is an incredibly rewarding career. Imagine seeing a child with a broken arm come into the emergency room. How rewarding would it be to know that you were able to put him in a cast and fix his broken arm? I feel that it is my calling to be able to help those in need. I want to be able to provide support to those in a trying or traumatic situation - not only physically but mentally as well. I spoke to many nurses before I decided on my major and they all told me that they love their jobs, their patients, and the doctors they work with, even though at times the job can be demanding and difficult, Audrey Kerwood says, “it is well worth the time and the effort that is put into it and the benefits far outweigh the cost” (Kerwood 1). However, when I was young, I remember going to my pediatrician’s office and I always looked forward to seeing the nurses in the office. They always seemed to be able to make the kids smile, or distract the children when they would receive a shot. I always wanted to be able to help people like that. Being a nurse is useful because it is not only rewarding emotionally, but it is also because it is rewarding in character. I know that this profession requires a great deal of patience and understanding but as I progress in this career I know that my patience will only increase, along with my understanding, I would like to think that I am a fairly patient person however; I know I will be tested constantly in this career choice. While in college my classes will teach me ways to handle difficult patients and their family in challenging situations. Handling stressful situations in an emergency room in a calm and collected manner could really determine whether or not you nursing is right for you. If you panic at the sight of a car crash victim or a deathly ill patient you may not be the best suited for nursing. Patience and the ability to handle a stressful situation calmly is key in this career. Understanding is also a key component in being a nursing major. In this career you would