Nursing: Nursing and Nursing Administrator Essay

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Nurse Practitioner Role, Specialty

The Role of the Administrator in Adult Heath Nursing

My role is an administrator, and my specialty is family nursing. A nursing administrator is a person who is of great importance to family nursing. A nursing administrator provides settings which may constitute facilities and systems that are integrated, large and corporately owned (Bickley, 2007). Additionally, a nursing administrator delivers services both in academic and organizational settings. The Nursing administrator develops skills and acts as the stimulant and an example to other people in heath care. They give both leadership and direction that coincides with both the value and the mission of the organization (Lindya, 2007).

A nursing administrator is vested with the responsibility of designing an environment of work that enhances and activates the nursing fraternity (Jean, 2006). This results into a demonstration of accountability for a practice that is their own. In this case, they think critically and make decisions effectively. The nursing leader acquires knowledge to facilitate the transformation, execution, and assessment of programs set. He/she also assesses the set policies, and services that are based on the evidence and which coincides with values and standards that are professional (Bickley, 2007). A nursing administrator is also involved in the strategic management of an organization by the virtue of being a leader in the organization. For instance, a nursing administrator can be involved in planning the strategic direction of an organization as well as human resource management.

A nursing administrator can be certified by various professional nursing organizations. Certification of a nursing administrator ensures that the individual is responsible of taking care and supporting courses in the health care profession. Certification also ensures that a nursing administrator is capable of leading, managing finances and the budget as well as improving the quality of health care (Lindya, 2007). Organizations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) give the guidelines to ensure that nurses are performing their job well through various certification courses. The organization also fights for the rights of the nurses.

Specialization in Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing refers to a nursing field which is a blend of the practice of nursing and health care that is primary together with public health nursing (Chinn, 2008). A nurse in community health carries out a comprehensive and continuous practice that ensures diseases are prevented, cured or rehabilitated within the community. There is no restriction to a community health care nurse. He/she looks after any age or any group of diagnosis (Jean, 2006).
Examples of Community Health Nursing specialty include specializations in family health, the health of women, pediatrics, adult health, and acute care. Nursing organizations like the American Nurses Association ensure that this category of nurses work in environment that is conducive and protects its members’ rights. The organization registers all the nurses. After registration, the Community Health Nurse is, therefore, legalized to practice nursing profession within the community. The organization also ensures that nurses carry out their duties well.

The role of a nurse practitioner

A nurse practitioner refers to a nurse who is registered and certified to carry out the nursing profession (Chinn, 2008). This is achieved through education that is advanced through proper training in clinical medicine. A nurse practitioner offers a lot of services which are both preventive and curative to all age groups of people (Gaines & Hahn, 1985). They normally finish the training at the graduate level that prepares them for a post-graduate degree. They take histories of health and physical examinations that are complete. They can also carry out diagnosis and