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I choose to become a nurse I know it’s not going to be easy but I am ready for the struggle but also the fun ahead. My educational goals are to keep my 4.0 gpa and get all my pre wrecks as soon as possible. I know that I still have a couple of classes to take. I am not looking forward to chemistry but I know it’s one of the goals I have to accomplish before I can get a degree. I also need to talk all of my biology classes, which I plan on taking them in the summer and the rest in the fall. My biggest goal is not to fail to give up I wish push myself because this is my dream as has been since I was a little girl. I have researched numerous times on what I need to take how long it is going to take me and how hard it is going to be. But I am ready for the challenge. I have realized that I have taken a lot of classes that I didn’t not need. In the end its good nor bad. It hurts me because I could be taking classes I needed and been a little further but I don’t think any education really hurts someone. I haven’t decided if I want to try to become nurse that can help with medevac’s or just be content working as nurse in a hospital, but I do know I will figure it out and if that is something I want to I will go back to school and work towards that goal. This is at least ten classes I have to com0plete before I can even think about getting into the nursing program. I cannot wait for the day I get accepted I am going to give it all I have, 100%. I want to be proud of myself and I also want to show my kids if you push yourself hard enough you can do anything. I have most of my classes finished and will push myself through my job and my kids to finish