Nursing Personal Statement Examples

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My desire to study Adult Nursing was first established as a young child, having spent part of my childhood in and out of hospital. During my time as a patient, nurses cared and helped me through a challenging time in my life. The compassion shown towards me increased my respect for their sacrificial work, as I was able to develop relationships with the nurses whilst recovering. I am determined to make a positive change and difference in people’s lives as I have the qualities required.
During my current courses, I have learnt about the importance of organisation and planning by meeting deadlines. A unit which I enjoyed studying was Monitoring the Human body. At University I look forward to exploring this unit further through topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, as I am are aware that a concrete understanding of the fundamental subjects are needed for a long-lasting, fruitful career in Nursing.
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Aspects of the volunteering programme involved working as a team to meet the goals set by the teacher. This helped me to become an effective team player which is essential as there needs to be communication between and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best level of care is provided for the patient. I am also a volunteer for a local charity Christmas hamper distribution which involves working with the less fortunate people in the Greenwich community and providing them with food for Christmas. This allows me to the see the difference I am making in people’s lives and helps me develop a desire for the welfare of others.
I have participated in work experience through my school at Jubilee Primary School and Westhill Pharmacy. Jubilee Primary School allowed me to gain a deeper understanding in a professional care setting, which motivated me to pursue Adult Nursing. Westhill Pharmacy gave me an insight into a pharmacy setting and the day-to-day tasks, which included dealing with