Nursing Reflective Report

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The provision of quality healthcare is a vital part of the world today, an ever-changing service responding to the needs of the community. My admiration for the nursing profession came as a child whilst receiving specialist treatment at Frenchay Burns Unit; the empathy shown not only to me but also my family and how the nurses worked cohesively to provide the best care was something I looked up to and would strive to recreate upon qualifying. I have undertaken a wealth of relevant work experience which has reinforced my interest in the subject and has shown me the wide range of opportunities that the degree course could lead to at home and abroad. I feel I am suited to the challenges that the adult nursing branch encompasses and the prospect …show more content…
Through the study of PE I have gained a depth of knowledge regarding the anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as topical health issues that the NHS is facing in dealing with both obesity and smoking. My study of Psychology has given me an understanding of common mental health disorders such as depression and schizophrenia and the complexities of their treatment. From Geography I have gained a greater awareness of other cultures and societies in today's modern world; the impact of immigration and the ageing population on the health service and the barriers to care that religious beliefs can cause. In my EPQ topic I am researching the continuing importance of NHS health campaigns focussing on young people's involvement in the blood donation service and why so few in the 17-25 age category donate. Beyond my A-levels, I regularly watch factual medical series and documentaries and read news reports to keep abreast of advances in medicine and current issues within the profession. I have recently enjoyed reading 'Tending Lives' by Echo Heron; the realism of the nurses stories I found