Nursing Scholarship Essay

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Being a nurse has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have always been intrigued by medical things. Growing up with a handicapped sister I have learnt to be empathetic to ones pain and care deeply for another human being which is important in the field of nursing. My mother battled cancer and as I sat by her bedside I was amazed at the Nurses who cared for her and they drew my admiration. I feel there are few truly inspirational and noble professions and Nursing is without a doubt one of them. Along with Doctors and other medical staff, Nurses provide an invaluable service to society and I would be proud to be part of this profession. For the last five years I have worked as a Middle-school teacher. Being part of such a team requires …show more content…
Volunteering has provided me with opportunities to grow, improve myself, and make a difference in someone’s life as well as my own. I hope to utilize all of these experiences and attributes to benefit others by pursuing a career in Nursing.
Throughout my experiences in life, I have become a person who is compassionate and cares for others. I also have great inter-personal relationships and I am open to communication, and these are important traits that a nurse needs. Nurses are the main communication link between a patient and the Doctor. They also interact with family members by being empathetic to their loved ones medical situation.
In addition I believe that motivation is a key for a successful career as a Nurse. I consider myself to be a highly motivated individual. My parents instilled in me the value of strong work ethic and the responsibilities that one needs to attain their dreams, goals, and motivations. As a result, when I have a goal to reach, I dedicate myself to achieving the task. This extends to my aspiration to be a Nurse. I feel that as an intellectually and emotionally capable individual, I have a calling to dedicate myself to helping