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Jean Watson's Theory of Caring
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course N207-Theoretical Foundations in Nursing at University of the Philippines Open University. This blog is dedicated to fellow nurses, to our patients, to our classmates, and to Miss Jean Watson who gave us inspiration in caring. * Caring: What is it? * Caring In Action * Jean Watson * Metaparadigm * Philosophy and Science * Analysis * Acceptance * Group H
Acceptance in the Nursing Community

Margaret Jean Watson’s model or theory of caring can be considered as a foundation of our profession. It suggests the consideration of nursing as both a science and an art, and caring as a key factor in the human
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Watson’s theory opens up a challenging door that leads researchers and scholars to questioning whether or not patients do benefit from the caring transactions. Research and practice could focus on the patient outcomes of caring transactions to validate the idea that caring is the truest essence of our profession.

The Philosophy of Caring has been used to guide nursing care among specific type of clients. There have been specific researches to identify the relevance of Watson’s Theory on Caring to the nursing care of clients with depression, adult polycystic disease and hypertension. There are also researches that try to test if the theory could be applied within the perioperative nursing setting.

Watson’s works also paved for the construction of specific care models such as The Attending Nurse Care Model and the Quality Caring Model.

Application to a Specific Nursing Scenario

Mr. S. Solis, 77 years old, live in their house with his son a tricycle driver. Mr. Solis’swife of 58 years died 4 months ago, so his daughters who are living few towns away from their father becomes concerned about their father’s condition. He was diagnosed three years ago of prostate cancer in addition to his leg injury sustained after he fell from a carabao during his teenage