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NUTR 221
January 28, 2014
Traditional Foods Eating on New Year Day
The special day most related to foods in my life is the New Year day, because people will prepare the dinner for a whole day. In my twenty-one years’ memory, my mother always wake up earlier than before to buy fresh food materials. The materials must buy are meats, fish, shrimp, bean curb and so on. Each food has different meaning, for example, the fish represents that people will make more money in the New Year and in the end of the year people still have savings. This meaning is according to the Chinese pronounce.
Different province and city has different custom to celebrate the New Year. In my hometown, before we have dinner we need to worship ancestors. It means that when we finish cooking, these foods will put on the table and open the door to welcome ancestors to eat first and my mother also always pray for us at the same time. After this ceremony, my brother and I will ask our ancestors to follow us to take shoe-shaped gold and silver ingots which are made by ourselves using the special paper. Ancestors can hold by firing the shoe-shaped gold and silver ingots.
What I most expected is eating, because my mother will cook more than ten kinds’ foods including vegetables, different meats and soups which are all delicious. I know if everyday we eat like the New Year day, we will get fat more easier. Although it has a bunch of nutrition, if according to the need of our body, it restricts intake everyday, so we need to grasp each food’s intake. My favorite food is wonton, because I enjoy the feeling of making wontons with my mother. It’s a food eating in the south area, similar to the dumplings eating in the North area. Only one difference is appearance. We will buy the skin in the market, it looks like a trapezoid. In addition, we will make the stuffing by ourselves which includes pork and vegetables. We chop up the pork and vegetables, and then mixed them, spilling salt and other condiments.