Essay on Nutrical Case study

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Case #1


Patient: Female
Age: 52 years old
Height: 5’6
Weight 200 lbs
Activity level: Sedentary
Blood pressure: 130/80
LDL cholesterol: 190 mg/dl
HDL cholesterol: 30 mg/dl

Case history: This patient is concerned about her risk for colon cancer. Her father had colon cancer and she is consulting you to design a diet that would reduce her risk for this disease.

1. What is her BMI? (Show your calculation—4pts) What is the significance of her BMI? (3 pts) Is there a relationship between her BMI and risk for colon cancer? (3 pts)
a. (200lbs x703)/66 inches^2 = 32.277 rounded to 32.
b. The significance of her BMI is used for the estimation of weight that is associated with health and longevity. It is
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Becoming more physically active can help increase the HDL cholesterol level. Within two months of starting frequent aerobic exercises can increase HDL level 5% in otherwise sedentary adults. Exercising 30 minutes a day five tomes a week can assist. Any exercise that increases a heart rate will help encourage the HDL level to rise.
s. Losing weight can assist HDL level. For every 6 pounds lost the HDL level may increase by 1mg/dl.
t. Choosing healthy fats between only 25-35% of daily caloric intake. Saturated fat should account for less than 7 percent of total daily calories. Avoiding saturated fats and trans fats. monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats tend to improve HDL's anti-inflammatory abilities.
u. Don't smoke: not smoking can prevent a decrease of HDL cholesterol level by 10% compared to those who smoke.

6. Input the patient’s current diet into the NutriCalc program and print out the Bar graph, Single Nutrient and Calories and Fat graphs. (10 pts)

7. Using the patient’s current diet, make dietary changes you feel are necessary to help lower her risk for colon cancer. Please explain why you have added certain foods and why you have deleted or reduced certain foods. (each substitution explained in detail and related to condition 20 pts; just new diet 5 pts; partial explanations or no correlation, 5 pts
v. I've added 8 cups of water in place of the only fluid intake was coffee and soda. By adding water into the patient's current diet at both the