Nutrients Essay

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Soilection I am doing my speech on something I am somewhat familiar with. My topic is Variable Rate Fertilizing (VRF). I somewhat know about this topic because my dad a company that does the VRF and the practices that come with it. In my paper I will be talking about what machines are used and some details about them. I will also be talking about the different fertilizers used and explain why they are used and what plants use what nutrients. I will talk about the soil samples we take from the fields in order to accurately know what the field needs and where it needs it. These are the main topics I will be talking about in my paper I think I will start with telling you what VRF is. VRF is where we use a large machine to spread fertilizers on fields. Fields need fertilizer because crops take nutrients out of the ground. The plants don’t put it back the nutrients, because we harvest the fruits and vegetables that the plants use the nutrients to create. Without the proper nutrients crops will produce fewer yields and or no yield. Having proper nutrients on your field is very important to the success of the crop. There are many nutrients that soil may have access or lack of. Some of those are nitrogen and sulfur. Corn highly uses nitrogen. After a crop of corn a farmer would need to apply nitrogen to his field in order to have successful future crops. Next I am going to talk about techniques of soilection. Most farmers are used to dumping 900 pounds of nitrogen give or…