Significance Of Food Essay

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Kolligian, Alyssa
Nutrition 1

Significance of Food

What has brought me to my eating decisions today is by going off how I look and feel then the number of the scale. Until two years ago I weighed forty-seven more pounds then I do right now weighing one hundred-five pounds at about five feet tall. From the ages four to seventeen I was a gymnast, competitions and twenty to twenty-four hour training sessions a week. Even with all the exercise I was getting, my doctors had told me continuously that I was overweight, when I would go in to my physicals every year before competing. I have always eaten what I want and when I wanted, and I suppose that’s why I was thicker in my teenage years. I have always been content and conformable to an extent with my weight and the way I look, so I never went to the extent of changing my diet to help me stay at my appropriate weight. I felt good and got more exercise then most of my fellow students at school so I felt no need to change. When I graduated high school, moving out from home, starting work and study, and the changing lifestyle that accompanies the responsibility that comes along with your twenties, I began to notice a change in my desire for food. I would not be hungry or desire the portions like I use to. Even when there was my favorite food in front of me or being made I would have no desire for the food, especially in the mornings. I believe that it might be due to the fact that a few months before graduating I had unfortunately started my addiction to tobacco. After months had gone by with the same habit, it was coming up close to a year of not having an appetite and I had lost over 40 pounds with barley any exercise. It had gotten to the point to when I would eat my portions were much smaller. I had no legit reasoning of why my appetite was much smaller or why I didn’t crave food the way I did before. I would not crave the nutrients that I should have been in-taking, since I mostly eat off of convenience, price and wanting. Today, I still eat of the same mentality but my significance of food is must more knowledgeable. Since I have not had much of an appetite these past two years, when I do eat I try to make it a priority to eat the right things. With the right portion, nutrients