Nutrition and Bittman Essay

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Food Changed from Homes to Restaurants: An Analysis of Food! The article “Why Take Food Seriously? Because Your Life Depends on It” by Mark Bittman was a very interesting read. The article was about the way people have changed the way they use food. The article mentioned that in the “1950’s every household had at least one actually take food seriously” (Bittman 780). The article also talks about as time has gone on the people cook less and going out to dinner a lot more. Bittman also states that in the 1960’s food started becoming more popular because of the new styles of food coming over to America, such as French, Italian, Mexican, and other countries (Bittman 780). Lastly, the articles talked about how chefs and food channels have changed the way people look at food by simply seeing new recipes and actually inspire kids to become chefs. The article “Why Take Food Seriously? Because Your Life Depends on It” really touch on a lot of key points. In response to the article there are four major aspects I am going to focus on throughout my essay. First the relationship with food changing throughout the years, second what type of audience Bittman is trying to focus on, thirdly the gender roles influencing relationship with food, and lastly the study of my classmates and graphs that show the amount of times people eat out per week. First Bittman talks a lot about the relationship with food changing in the article. He focuses on in the they way people used to take food very seriously, by having households actually cook food everyday. (Bittman 780). This means that at least one person would actually take the time out of their day to cook food everyday. But then Bittman than explains how that all changed as time went on through the 20th century. He backs this statement up by explaining “the majority of the population began cooking less and less, while eating out more and more” (Bittman 780). So the changing with food over time has just been people taking less time cooking and means people are just too busy to cook everyday like in the 50’s. From my personal opinion I believe the reason why people go out to eat more often is because both adults work. So, when adults come home from work they don’t have the energy to make a meal. This happens in my family all the time: both of my parents work and they come home exhausted, so we pick up take out or go out to a restaurant. Second the audience that Bittman is trying to focus on is the general public in New York I believe. The reason why I believe that he is talking to the general public is because he is a journal writer and now trying to become a cook. He also post in the New York Times, which many New Yorker’s read on a daily basis. This allows him to get his message out to Americans’ that people go out to eat way too much. Bittman also focuses on the all Americans’ in “Why Take Food Seriously? Because Your Life Depends on It,” Including young kids and middle age people are actually interested in cooking which would help the general public by having more cooks in the family. Another reason why I think that he is focus on the general public is because he talks about obesity and diseases, which is a big problem in the United States. According to the National Master statistics the United States have the highest percentage of 30.6 percent of Americans have a problem with obesity (National Master). Thirdly, I believe that gender used to play a huge role when it came to food and cooking. But now gender does not play that same role in today’s society. Knowing from hearing stories about my parents the women usually stayed home and the men went to work to provide for the family. Now things have changed both adults have to work to be able to afford things in today society so women just don’t stay home and cook anymore but work as well. With this change it has forced men to learn how to cook and also it caused the increase in eating out from people being…