Nutrition and Breast Milk Essay

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The Impact of Diet on Health

P1. identify the components of a balance diet.

1. Proteins- This builds and repairs our muscles, you could found proteins in meat, fish, soybeans and nuts.
2. Carbohydrates- This gives us energy and you can found it in pasta, cereals and potatoes.
3. Fat- you could found fat in food like dairy products, nuts, cheese and oil. Good fat give energy and keep our bodies warm.
4. Vitamins- This help the body work, and vitamins A helps our vision, vitamins B is for energy production, vitamins C helps to keep our skin healthy and vitamins D that helps with bones teeth. You could found these vitamins in fruit, and fresh vegetable.
5. Minerals- This helps release energy from food.

P2 identify different dietary needs at each life stage.
From this age 0-3 years- the only food that a babies can get all its nutrients from is their mother's breast milk, breast milk is contains all the babies needs in the right amounts. Also is fresh and health food for babies and is the most natural food for new-born babies. When a baby is born breast milk is important because it contains the right amount of nutrients the baby needs. Baby shouldn’t start the weaning process before four months, the age of 12 and 18 months the infant should be eating the same food as the rest of the household but without the added salt and sugar or oil. Formula milk that help as well which is modified cow's milk' help a baby to grow and develop during his first year.