Nutrition and Carbohydrate Digestive Enzymes Essay

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Humans are Naturally Herbivores
By: Unknown Author

In the article, “Humans are naturally Herbivores”, the author states that humans are naturally vegetarians and in the long run, humans are better off leaving meat out of their diet and consist more of fruits and vegetables. Go figure. The author also states how the human structure is closely related to that of an herbivore. For example, eating meat is actually hazardous to our health rather than simply only eating vegetables, and we don’t need meat to survive yet we need most types of vegetables to survive. We cannot eat meat raw right off the bone like carnivores do without getting sick and possibly dying. The author also states that we only eat meat do to forced learned behavior. Also, humans do not have the few physical features that carnivores must have. It just truly wasn’t meant to be.

“All carnivores and omnivores eat bloody, raw, bacteria-laden flesh straight from the bone without repercussion. This includes: eyes, nose, face, toes, tail, anus, inner organs, blood and the fur.” However, we cannot do this because we do not have the proper Ph balance to break down raw meat in our stomachs. Without all of the proper tools and without cooking the meat first, we become unable to safely eat it. “Humans and other herbivores have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in their saliva, meaning that our bodies were created for breaking down fruits and vegetables.” Another clue to us being herbivores is the way that we chew our food. When we chew our food, we chew from side to side, or in other words, we grind our food the same way that herbivores chew their food. We have blunt, flat teeth fo r grinding while Carnivores have sharp, razor-like teeth for ripping and swallowing whole. Also, carnivores and omnivores cannot get clogged arteries from animal protein, cholesterol and saturated fats. However, “clogged arteries kill fifty percent of ALL MEAT-EATING HUMANS!
Studies also show that taking meat, cheese, milk and eggs out of everyone’s diets can drop cancer rates by as much as sixty percent!”

“Most herbivores like rhinos, hippos and gorillas could easily kill a human being, if provoked. These animals are ahead of us in