Nutrition and Children Essays

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To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment
In a preschool setting everything should be set up to ensure safety for the children. I teach the children different ways to be safe such as push your chairs under the table when you get up, to avoid other children tripping over them. It is imperative that all children feel comfortable in my class. I explore each area with the children showing them what they can play with and what items are dangerous and unsafe. I have enough teachers to supervise all of the children in my classroom. I keep all the areas labeled, to help them better identify each area. Practice fire drills once a month and occasionally while children are asleep. I make sure all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are working. All sockets are covered so that the children won’t stick their fingers in them. Myself as well as other staff members are certified in first aid and CPR.


In my classroom I have a nutrition chart setup to ensure parents that their children are being fed healthy. I teach the children different nutrition facts such as, the foods to that’s good for you and not. My classroom contains an allergy chart. All the food that we serve is up to date. All of the areas are being cleaned and sanitized daily. I have different assignments to teach them about germs. All areas are well lit. My students will learn disease prevention.
I give the children nutritious snack’s such as fruits and vegetables. I show them how and when to wash their hands to prevent germs. I make sure I have all the children’s medical records in case of emergency. Disease prevention will teach the students to understand why they need to cover