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It is important that we meet the basic needs of the body to make sure we develop and we can be good role models towards children. If children see us eating the right nutrients then children will follow as they pick up eating habits early in life and children can develop properly by eating the right foods which allows them to achieve their full growth. Children grow at least two inches a year. It’s important that children know what foods are good to eat and what are not so good, not for the physical appearance but for the way it affects you for example, if a child eats no breakfast then they tend to become malnourished and lack of concentration due to the lack of vitamins and also if the child doesn’t eat right though out the day then the child may have poor academic performance, dental problems, weight problems, diabetes and disrupted sleeping patterns. The food groups are identified on the ‘eat well plate’. The ‘eat well plate’ has different food groups that we need in our body which contains starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes or pasta which our daily intake is 1 to 3. Fruit and vegetables which are at least 5 portion’s a day. Meat, fish, eggs and beans which is 2 to 3 portions a day. Milk and dairy which is 2 to 3 portions day and foods that are high in fat and sugar such as chocolate and crisps should be occasionally eaten in small amounts.
If children have poor eating habits then they may not be developing to their full potential as we all need the right nutrients to help us grow and help our bodies become strong, as eating the right foods will also build our immune system. If a child doesn’t have breakfast in the morning then the child may lack concentration and won’t be learning to their full potential. If children and adults eat a healthy balance it also makes yourself feel better, when you’re hungry you feel unhappy. It is understandable that some parents may not have time in the mornings to feed their child due to work so there are free breakfast clubs at schools which usually start 1 hour before school starts. Most schools also do a milk/water fruit snack before or after play time which gives the children some more energy throughout the day to help them concentrate. Schools also do healthy school dinners for the children. Poor nutrition is also one of the causes of obesity which can be very dangerous and lead to lifetime of health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and a variety of other problems which is really unfair on the child as they don’t have a choice. Obesity can really affect a child as when they get older it may result on the children feeling negative about their image which may lead to them having eating disorders. E3
Here is a 24 hour menu for a baby ages 9 months
With every meal water is offered to the baby. Throughout my 24 hour menu it contains carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, protein and dairy.
Breakfast: Banana porridge
Breakfast snack: Baby’s usual milk with strawberries cut in halves
Lunch: Chicken in broth mashed/blended
Afternoon snack: Baby’s usual milk with thin apple slices and cheese.
Dinner: Haddock and spinach pasta bake mashed/blended
Pudding: Blueberry and banana yoghurt
Here is a 24 hour menu for a child age 7
Breakfast: wholegrain cereal, skimmed milk and 1 banana
Snack: Celery sticks with light cream cheese.
Lunch: A cup of milk, whole-wheat pita with roast chicken breast, cucumber and lettuce
Snack: Sliced apple with plain yoghurt and a cup of water
Dinner: Baked sweet potato, broccoli, parmesan cheese, 2oz lean steak and 1 whole-wheat roll
In my placement there is a child who is lactose intolerant which is a condition where you can’t eat dairy products such as, ice cream and drink a glass of milk it would make you have stomach cramps, gas and diarrhoea for 30 minutes up to 2 hours . It’s caused by discomfort after consuming dairy products