Nutrition and Fat Pride Essay

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Eating Disorders and Weight Management The websites I chose were all related to eating disorders and weight management. The first page was and was information about anorexia nervosa. I then visited an overeating website as well as an article on heavy Americans speaking out against criticism and showing “fat pride”. Lastly were stories on the procedures and histories of obesity surgeries. All of these were very educational on their topics. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which individuals do not eat enough food and are obsessed with weight loss and their body image. This leads to an unhealthy body weight that can be very life-threatening. Anorexic individuals will most likely be malnourished due to lack of proper macro and micro nutrient intake. This deficiency leads to slowed body processes and can cause devastating problems. The highest risk of anorexia is in women. Overeating is a common issue for many individuals. Overeating generally occurs in both people who gain weight and people who are trying to lose weight. Symptoms of an overeater include binge eating, eating out of boredom, eating from guilt, depression, etc. These can cause unmanageable lives that are ultimately unhealthy. is an Anonymous group to help support people with this disorder that are seeking a way out of this bad habit. The third page I visited was a New York Times article about the argument of overweight people against reform. Basically, the main argument is that thin does not mean healthy. There are many people who are thin, but not healthy, and vice versa. It is very possible for an individual whom is technically overweight to be healthier than someone within their healthy weight range. However, being healthier in some aspects does not mean being overweight is still acceptable due to other risks such as heart and cardiovascular issues. Regardless, Marilyn Wann promotes “fat pride” in hopes to change society’s view on “fat” people. Lastly were histories and explanations on a variety of obesity surgeries from This page went over six different obesity surgeries. Within each one they included the origin and by whom, the reasons why one might get this,