Nutrition and Fine Motor Skills Essay examples

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Latacha Daviston
Chapter 10 Questions
Professor: Kristen Davidson
March 15, 2015
CCT 101

Chapter 10 Questions
What are the components of gross and fine motor development and sensory-perceptual development, and how do these develop? Gross motor development, involves large muscles of the legs, arms, back, and shoulders, necessary for such tasks as running, jumping, and climbing. Gross motor skills develop through practice and repetition, which is why a baby takes weeks to perfect the art of rolling, sitting, or crawling. Gross motor skills are larger actions. Fine motor development, the skills involved in the use of small muscles of fingers and hands necessary for such tasks as picking up objects, writing, drawing, and buttoning. Fine motor skills are smaller actions when your baby picks things up between his/her finger and thumb, or wiggles his toes in the sand, he/she is using fine motor skills. When your baby uses his/her lips and tongue to taste and feel objects their also using fine motor skills. Sensory-perceptual development, is involved in conveying information that comes through the senses. For example, a child will see a black dog with four legs and a tail and later see a black cat with four legs and a tail and call it a dog. The child will continue to identify the cat as a dog until the child is given additional information and feedback to help the child learn the difference between a dog and cat.
How do you incorporate nutrition and health concepts into the curriculum? A variety of concepts about food can be presented to young children through appropriate activities to help them understand the importance of good nutrition. Tailor nutrition concepts…