Nutrition and Food Essay

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The Locavore movement is something that a lot of people are considering nowadays because people are wanting to find ways to be healthier. Many believe that if food is bought from local farmer markets it is a much healthier option. Many people argue whether or not the food is actually healthier for you than buying food from supermarkets. There are many positives and negatives with the Locavore movement, but many people only think about the positive and never stop to think about all the negatives that can come with it. Just because the food is close to the buyer doesn’t mean that it is going to be healthier for them and it not always best for everybody within the community or even around the world. The food that the farmers produce might not always be the healthiest, and it can affect farmers from other parts of the country or even around the world.
When people think about becoming a Locavore they think that the food they are going to receive is going to be healthier because it is produced locally. However this is not always the case. Just because food is closer to the buyer doesn’t necessarily mean it will be healthier because it depends on many factors. It depends on the land, the food the animals eat, fertilizers, and the environmental conditions. In the article “On My Mind: The Locavore Myth” McWilliams states food from a closer distance isn’t always healthier. People from London buy lamb from New Zealand instead of lamb from the U.K. because “New Zealand lamb is raised on pastures with a small carbon footprint, whereas most English lamb is produced under intensive factory-like conditions with a big carbon footprint”.
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