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Mohammad Khayat
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June 27,2014

Possible Effect of Eating too much Fast Food

Fast food can shorten your life by ten years at least. Fast food is developing more and

more. There are many researchers that show us that fast food is harming our health

dramatically, by causing shortness of breath, obesity, and diabetes.

Shortness of breath is the first effect from fast food. When doing physical activity,

your heart rate increases and your breaths get larger. Fast food can decrease the amount

of oxygen in the blood, decreasing your breaths. In fact, fast food contains too much fat,

salt, and sugar, and this will increase your weight and make your breathing worse and

worse. In conclusion, you can avoid shortness of breath by eating healthy food and trying to stop fast food (Siribaddana, ).

Second, fast food causes obesity. Researchers indicate the amount of fast food you

consume plays a substantial role in obesity. For example, eating too much fast food and

do not exercising can cause you to gain weight. In short, obesity affects approximately

36 percent of U.S adults, but you can ward off obesity by eating healthy foods with

limited calories. This is the most powerful method to stay healthy, in shape, and avoiding obesity (Gumbel, ).

Finally, there are relationships between fast food, obesity, and diabetes. There is a

research that says that 80% of diabetics suffer from obesity, and that nearly 20% of that

quantity are at risk of developing diabetes. For instance, fast food that

contains high calories increases your chance to developing diabetes, because the stress on

the pancreas (Perry 111). Indeed,