Nutrition and genetically Modified Foods Essay

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I agree that technology has made the world a better place to live. Technology is ubiquitous and has become an indispensable part of modern life. Our world would not have achieved the current level of progress if it were not for technology. The Internet and smart phones, for instance, have led to dramatic changes in the ways people communicate with one another. Similarly, genetically modified foods have made it easier for countries to feed their population and raise their citizens’ nutrition standard.
As the improvement of the Wi-Fi capabilities and smart phone networks, geographical distance is no longer an obstacle in terms of communication. For instance, at present we can keep in touch with our family members and friends across continents by chatting through instant messaging software such as QQ and Skype or by sending electronic mail using hotmail and Gmail. There is no doubt that we are able to create and build relationships with people far away from us on social networking websites, such as Face book and We chat, These sites allow people to share personal ideas and interests, memories captured of photos, as well as mobilize participation in social events.
In addition, the impact of technology on food consumption also cannot be ignored. Genetically modified food has raised human beings’ standard of living. For example, scientists alter genetic material certain produce, which can boost crop yields, making sure that there is a sufficient supply of food for the exploding population. Genetically