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Nutrition and Mental Health

Go 2 for 5 and Beyond Blue

Question 1:

Go 2 for 5 is a health promotion initiative that focuses on improving and maintaining the health of Australians by promoting them to eat, on average, 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit per day (adult measurements, children measurements depend on their age). The initiative aims to show that eating a healthy and the right balance of fruits and vegetables we are being healthy, protecting ourselves against some diseases and maintaining a healthy weight range. Australian adults only eat half the amount of fruit and vegetables a day required in a healthy diet. There are two programs that the Go 2 for 5 initiative runs which are ‘Fruit and Veg month’ and Crunch & Sip. Fruit and Veg month aims to increase awareness of the need to eat more fruits and vegetables for young children. Crunch & Sip is a program that encourages children to eat fruit and vegetables and drink water every day. It requires schools to have a formal break in class giving the students (usually young primary) the opportunity to fulfill these dietary needs each day.

Question 2:

The Ottawa Charter was made on the 21st of November 1986 and aims to address health issues and health promotion. Two of its action areas are Developing Personal Skills and Creating Supportive Environments.

The Go 2 for 5 health promotion initiative actively applies these action areas. Developing personal skills is addressed and stressed in the initiative. Go 2 for 5 aims to strengthen and increase the knowledge that adults in Australia have on the subject of healthy eating so to develop their personal skills to be able to identify what is good and bad for their diet in different situations. The Go 2 for 5 website gives a huge amount of information on the benefits of eating healthy food and the non-benefit of not including the right amounts of fruits and vegetables in ones diet. The website states that:

“A lifetime habit of eating adequate amounts fruit and vegetables every day can help prevent:

* Coronary heart disease * Some forms of cancer * Overweight and obesity * Constipation It can also:

* Reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels