Nutrition and People Essay

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Cesar Catchin
Oct. 3, 2014

How should the U.S decrease obesity?

Nowadays, a lot of people are obese or overweight because most people eat more junk foods than healthy/nutritional foods. To prevent this problem, the U.S. should lower the prices on nutritional foods because people will eat better lead healthy lifestyle. People should build the habit of eating nutritional foods for a healthy lifestyle, specially adults, to be a role model for the next generation, to encourage kids to eat more healthy foods other than junk foods. One fact about eating a healthy food is that it gives your body enough nutrients and essential vitamins to grow healthier and stronger. Obesity can be easily prevented by joining any curricular activities, physical exercise and eating less junk food and eating more nutritious foods. To treat the obesity problem, the U.S should just lower the prices on healthier foods. The U.S should increase the prices on junk foods and lower the prices on nutritional foods. Raising the prices in junk foods could encourage people to consume less of these foods and consume more healthier foods. According to the article “Raising Junk Food Prices”, the researchers from New Zealand found out that if the costs of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are lowered by 10 percent, the consumption of these foods would go up between 2 and 8 percent. Another reason why is the U.S should lower the price on junk foods is because on the article called “Republic of Fat”, it states there that when food is abundant and cheap, people will eat more of it and get fat. It also says that researchers traced America’s rising rates of obesity, they found out that the rate increased when the cheap food policy was embraced. It means that when foods are cheap, the obesity rates increases.

Some experts disagree about raising the prices on junk foods because there is another way of preventing obesity which is exercising. According to the article “ The Role of Exercise”, exercise is an essential part of weight loss which is a treatment for obesity. It also