Nutrition and Room Temperature Essay

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HHPK 144 – Test 3 Review
1. What are the six classes of nutrients? carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water
3. What are the two types of carbs? Give an example. Simple- soda, candy, sweets Complex- pasty, rice, breads

4. What are the 2 classifications of dietary fat? Which is better? Saturated Unsaturated (poly-or-mono-)
Unsaturated fat is better.

5. How many essential and non-essential amino acids are there? Which ones come from your diet? Essential- 9 non-essential- 11 essential comes from diet

6. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats at room temperature? Saturated is a solid at room temperature Unsaturated is a liquid at room temperature

7. What is voluntary dehydration? don’t drink enough even when fluids are available (lack of thirst sensation)

8. Stored glucose that is utilized during exercise is known as ________________

9. Who contains more water, males or females?
Males(60%) contain more water than females(50%)

10. What are 3 different factors that affect fluid loss? Increase in temperature, high humidity, conditioning.

11. When you become thirsty, how much water have you already lost? 48-64 ounces

12. What is the average attendance to health clubs for people per year? 13. Personal trainers should have a background degree in what field?
14. What is one of the fastest growing jobs in kinesiology? Physical therapy
15. What are some transferable skills that are necessary regardless of the job you have?
16. What are a couple of steps that are necessary when looking for a job and the interview process?
17. What are some benefits of joining a professional organization?
18. At a gym/rec center, what are some popular fitness programs?
19. How much fluid should you…