Nutrition and Surprisingly High Calorie Essay examples

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Reflections on Dietary Analysis (10 points)
The answers must be in complete sentences or paragraphs (you will lose 1 pt for answers that do not follow this format). 1. Do you agree with the category the Activity Assessment placed you in? Why or Why not? * Yes I agree, because
2. Do you think your recommended calories are too high, too low, or just right for you? In your answer, include information about your age, activity, occupation, health, and fitness level, as well as any other factors that could influence your calorie needs. Make sure you comment on all aspects listed here. I am 24yrs old, the only activity I do is at work when I am helping patients at nursing homes.
3. What current lifestyle factors, ethnic background, or family food habits contribute to your present diet and food choices? Examples could include lack of time, dislike or like of certain foods, health, etc. List at least three factors and comment on each.
4. Predict how many calories you consume in one day (i.e. how many calories you think you eat in a day.
5. What part(s) of your diet do you think need(s) to be improved? (example: “I think I need to eat more vegetables and less fat.”) If you think you do not need to improve your diet, comment on why you think you have a healthy diet. (example: “I am a vegetarian and consume a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, and I make sure that I get enough protein each day.”)
6. Did you learn anything interesting or unexpected about