Essay on Nutrition and Sweet Potato Soup

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In our Fairchild Science project we chose the option C, Green Cuisine: Low Impact Food. We will make the appetizer Sweet Potato Soup with Celery. This is completely agricultural and currently in season in Florida. Sweet Potato Soup is a very healthy choice of food because it is filled with vitamins and the celery adds even more benefits to the appetizer. Soup is a great way to start off a meal.
The Potato Soup has a very balanced nutrition. This is made out of low-fat and sodium ingredients. The first step is to make potatoes for the actual soup which is the main ingredient.. After the potatoes are made we have to get the proper vegetables and ingredients for the soup. The soup takes approximately an hour or longer depending on how it is made.
The Fairchild information packet is instructing us that since we have chosen option C, we have to make a food hat has to be in season, the food also has to be an appetizer, we have to make it completely naturally, and we have have to present it to be edible to all of the 15 judges so they can sample it. We also have to pick a location south of Okeechobee Lake for the actual growing of the food. We chose the Sweet Potato Soup because the sweetness adds more taste and flavor to the appetizer. We think this is what will make the judges enjoy the food much better.
The soup doesn't have many ingredients and the ones that it does have is completely attainable. The soup is a completely makable food choice and taste very good and healthy for whoever does eat it. The Sweet Potato Soup is one of the best food choices we could have thought of to grow and make.

Sweet Potato Soup is organic and we are going to use all ingredients that are currently in season in south Florida. This soup is a great vegetarian appetizer and very tasteful.