Nutrition and Turkish fast Foods Essay

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Compare American Fast Food and Turkish Fast Food
In recent years more and more people are eating more of their food outside of the home. Due to changing work and social lifestyles, many people spend a lot more time in restaurants and cafes. There are many choices of food to eat, but in this country two of the most common are American fast food and Turkish fast food. American and Turkish fast foods are similar to each other in two main ways, they are both unhealthy and they are both convenient.
Firstly, both American and Turkish fast food can be harmful to our health. Both are high in fat, in sugar and in calorie content. Because of this, they can be addictive, often leading to an increase in body weight and in some cases obesity. Moreover, both American and Turkish fast foods are created in factories and are made to have a long shelf life. They both contain many preservatives and chemical additives which have unforeseen effects on bodily health.
Secondly, American and Turkish fast foods are both similar in that they are convenient. To begin with, both are inexpensive. These foods, which will easily fill your stomach, can be bought for the same price as a bowl of soup. In addition, as indicated in the name, both are very ‘fast’. With busy work and social schedules, many people need to eat quickly and often whilst walking, using public transport or driving. Therefore, not only American but also Turkish fast foods are conveniently quick and easy to eat.