Nutrition Essay

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Ciara O’Neill
Health, Period 4
Nutrition Essay

The typical western diet of many Americans is affecting each and every one of the United States citizens… for the worse. A few unhealthy choices can lead to poor and addictive eating habits as we have seen in many of the videos. These bad eating habits then contribute to America’s overpopulation of obesity and much more. Every time someone buys a hamburger at Mcdonalds they are promoting highly unhealthy and fattening foods that are produced under poor conditions and are marketed to a high degree, luring all different types of people in for their cheap and delicious “food.” The cost of these burgers is very low, and unfortunately much lower than the cost of good quality, healthy food and especially that of organics. Many people are aware that they need a change in food choice but can’t financially afford to make a healthy switch from fast food to real food from a grocery store or better yet regular to foods to organic foods.
In order for our country to be healthier and obesity rates to decrease, there has to be a demand of the people for a change in their foods. When there is demand for food, farmers and other producers will indeed produce those for us. Making this healthy switch is that of a chain reaction. Obviously no one enjoys being obese, what they do enjoy though is the delicious eating that excites their taste buds before they gain the weight. If everyone were to realize that together we can become healthier and more confident individuals, our nation as a whole could begin to thrive more with each and every healthier person.
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