Nutrition Essay: Why I Want To Change My Health

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When I was younger I was constantly active. I took ballet classes, played softball and competed in soccer tournaments weekly. However, in high school I started to only focus on school and volunteering. At this present time I don't have a constant exercise program. I attend spinning and yoga classes with my sister but if she's not attending then I don't have a ride and can't go. We usually try and go once or twice a week for about two hours. I don't use a weight program. I am trying however to become a healthier and have enrolled in Wellness to learn how to make that a reality.
I want to change my diet within the year. I want to more include fruits and vegetables in my daily meals. My mother goes grocery shopping weekly and buys fruits and vegetables. I just don't always indulge in them. I tend to go for the bag of chips before eating a peach or apple. After adding more nutritional value to my daily meals I want to begin to at least either go jogging through my neighborhood or attend a spinning class with my sister. These short term goals can be accomplish by myself not eating the unhealthy snacks and by dragging sister out and getting her to do the same with me. Having a healthy and sustaining lifestyle is my long term goal. I want to exercise three to four days a week without fail. I want to keep my body in shape. Especially as I am getting older. My family has a history of diabetes and I want to do my best to avoid it. So I'm going to try new vegetables and